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UniiTy was set up in 2007, due to the growth of overseas market demands. Our factories in Guangdong, China have more than 20 years in stamped metal and zinc injection and PVC products. We also have experienced satellite factories to provide various custom-made promotional products.

There are ii in UniiTy to symbolize "People and Communication" which we care the most when we come to think of the company name. We unite with different background knowledge people to serve different custermer's needs. We communicate to have better service to our customers. Welcome to UniiTy.

Products ranges:
--Metal products: lapel pin, key chain, bottle opener, bookmark, tie bar/cuff link, bag hanger, trolley coin etc.
--PVC products
--Led flashing badges
--Eco products
--USB flash drives
--Bookmark pen

--Iphone cover
--more promotion....


* lapel pin
* tin badge
* led badge
- keychain
- bottle opener
- bag hanger
- medal
- dog tag
- tie bar
- bookmark
- money/paper clip
- travel tag
- 304L/316L stainless

Elec. gadget
- iphone accessories
- stylus pen
- usb flash drive
- screen cleaner
- mobile charms


- embroidered patch
- magnet
- lanyard
- magnifier
- nail files/ clipper
- silicone items

- chalk/crayon
- note brick

- magi-hairdyer

- magi-rubberband

- personal safety
* reflective band
* reflective vest
* reflective
* led reflector
* bicycle bell

recycle pen
- recycle pencil
- recycle note
- recycle lanyard